JJ Dance and the Bully

JJ Dance, a 15 year old girl remembered being bullied back when she was 11.  She was constantly being picked on by this boy.  And one day she said to him, “you are going to get it someday”.  She was going to wait until the “proper” time, if he kept doing it.

Then one day at a friend’s house, she noticed and watched two (2) boys boxing.  “I watched them to pick up their moves.”

And finally the timing was just right.  The day came.  The Bully struck, and she struck back.  She caught him just right and “forced his leg out from under him and bent his arm and twisted it behind his back.  And his father was right there saying, ‘don’t let a girl beat you.’  And the more he struggled, the more I pushed down on his arm behind his back”.

“And that’s what I did.  And then after that they never messed with me again.”

“So I learned one valuable thing – self defense.  You must always defend yourself.  Bullies won’t quit any other way.

When you see something or see someone that is in danger, you go help them. Don’t just stand there quiet. Go help them. Doesn’t matter what they say or what . . . Hey, just go there and say that’s not right.

You know what’s right. Before you talk, think of it, on how the bully is going to react. And then, …”

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