Kiara’s Dream

Kiara dreamed about songs that could make a difference in the world. She worked on the song “GottaSucceed” on & off over a period of 4 years, but never finished. Finally she gave it up, until she met Marcel at Startup Weekend 2016.  His concept for this business inspired her again!  

Marcel voiced what became the key verse: “More can be achieved in Life with Inspiration and Encouragement”. This was what had been missing all along! Memory and inspiration returned! So she told Marcel about her dream. Both inspired now, they agreed to work together as well as to use the name of Kiara’s song for this WebSite.

The result is the song “GottaSucceed” which you can see Kiara sing in the video of Kiara’s initial presentation at Anchorage Startup Weekend 2016. Kiara continues to work to polish this song, among others even as her twin sister Monica, and younger sister McKaela practice guitar and keyboard respectively to accompany and sing with Kiara, as well as learning about and assisting with the necessary business issues.


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