Parents and Grandparents

As we went through the mall asking people about Inspiration and Success…

A girl of 15 years old, said, yeah, when my dad taught me things, it “brought me closer to him”.

Another young girl, who was with her grandmother,  said, “my mom is amazing.  She’s always been there for me”.

Her grandmother chipped in,  “Yes, especially when your father left.”  Then the grandmother added, “I had a grandma when I was her age, who made me feel more important than anything.  She always used encouraging words.  She made me feel ‘important’!”.

A mother with 3 very small children said that her grandmother most inspired her.  And she misses her grandmother, who died of cancer this last year.  “She helped me be a better woman and how to take care of the kids, putting them first.  Pretty much, she had a big heart.  I want to be just like her. My grandfather, let’s just say, was abusive. He had a lot of kids from a lot of women. My grandmother, basically, took care of all his kids. So, I want to be just like her – even though -it’s a different generation of kids growing up.  There is always people judging you, because of the things that you do. So, I want to basically be like my grandmother. Like everything she does. It would have been nice if she was here when my son was born. But – God’s timing. But, I guess she is here in my memories. She has her parts and both of them (the two children that were born when her grandmother was alive)- her 1st name and her last name.”

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