The Mechanic – About following a Dream


A fellow shopping with his wife and two very small children, after hearing what we were working on, loved the idea of providing inspiration, just as he has gotten in his youth.

He reminisced with us in the clothing section of the store where we met.  He “fixes cars for a living!”.   And he loves it.

When he was 13 years old he read about a “fast car”.  “I think it was in a hot rod magazine”, he said.  The article was about a Honda Civic Integra.

Ever since then he wanted to fix cars!

So he planned and went to school.  He got an education at University of Alaska Anchorage.

And got a job with a local dealership right out of school.

Now he has a wife an children, and is happily supporting his family, while also living his childhood dream.

You too can live your dreams, you just GottaSucceed

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