Oh God, it’s Family Love

John wanted to comment on what inspired and encouraged him and his family.  It was “turning our life over to the lord, is what helped us pull our life together, mostly.”  We were “going down the hard road in life and then we learned the love of Jesus Christ and instilling that into my childrens’ life.”

He was sitting with his wife and three very young children and a couple of adult friends.  ” And I think that it’s been a big part of changing all of our lives, becoming one as a family, like God would want us all to do. That would definitely be our inspiration, the change, Jesus Christ as our Savior.”

“Family is love.  Love is the people that surround you, that care about you, that want you to succeed, and do good. They care enough to tell you something. That means they care enough to love you.  If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t be saying anything. They’d just let you guys go and do what you guys do.”

” My wife and kids inspired me.  It all leads back to that. My kids started going to church. They brought me to the Lord. They brought my wife to the Lord. So it’s definitely all related, the family, who surround you and who you surround yourself with.”

A 15-year-old girl overhearing the conversation commented, ” so if you surround yourself with good people, then you get good results. But if you surround yourself with bad people, you get bad results in your life. And there you have it – good and bad results.

John added about how God’s love was an incentive for the family coming together, united.  If you are in a bad situation, if you can always find the good within something, that would change your entire personality.” and he thanks his children for starting down that path, ultimately inspiring him to follow suit, and then lovingly take the lead  as everyone had wanted in the first place.

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