About Money & Politics

Cyprus, China, India, do we really think we are exempt from the power brokers and political madness that only wants to use us? We are NOT powerless victims.

We create our future reality with our current decisions, just as we created our current reality with our past decisions. Let’s start focusing on solutions instead, solutions that will empower the actual people, not just their governments.

A wise man recently said to me that “Government should have only three jobs 1) protect my shores, 2) deliver the mail (this one is in doubt now) and 3) stay the hell out of my way. Anything else, and they should look at how it fits into one of those three”.

Ok, following is a solution that is working… when are you going to wake up? The longer you wait the more expensive it will be, the sooner you join to hold for the long term the wiser you’ll feel you were when you look back 5-10 years from now.

May I suggest using the following link that gives us both $10 in free Bitcoin if you use it? https://www.coinbase.com/join/mjb

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