Master Key Experience Week 2

Sunday there was a webinar with Mark Januszewski and his staff introducing what we are doing this week. Then Monday it was about blogging, how to set one up, and use thereof. Today there was a “speed reading” webinar by Jana Martinez.

Jana Martinez
Jana Martinez

All three webinars were excellent and I really enjoyed them.

After I review the speed reading webinar a few more times and put the material into practice I am sure both the speed and comprehension of my reading will increase substantially.

My brain has always been a bit of a vacuum cleaner picking up all the bits of knowledge that cross my path, only now it will suck more?

For that matter, all the material I have been through so far in this Master Key Experience course has been very practical and thought provoking. There is a lot of reading, practice and study.

MKE is Like school, as I mentioned last week… but this is one of the most amazing classes I have ever taken. One of the assigned books is “the Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino. Aren’t we always selling ourselves to the people around us? It is more about the development of self than what one might expect from the title.

In addition, all the participants have been broken into smaller “MasterMind Groups” with a leader who has been through certification to teach this material. We are using Marco Polo to coordinate, a phone app I’d never heard of before. This is a cool “Walkie Talkie” type app, that need not be simultaneous communication. It records video clips which the recipient can play. The recipient of the communication can be one person or an entire group.

More next week!


Marcel Mark Bolzern

Visit As for me, Google knows me so you can too. Knowing more about people by searching them is a good thing. It keeps them accountable. Honest people gain when other honorable people know more about them. There are far more honorable people in the world than there are the alternative, even if those do get a disproportionate amount of the attention. I believe that Love, not fear is humanity's future.


  1. Loren, LOL, Glad to be of service to your dictionary 😉 Nothing new being told I have a dirty mind btw, don’t we all? MKE should help us clean up the parts that matter!

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