Week 7 – Three Monkeys, Seven Days…

I love this analogycsimpanz_chimpanzee04

The Silk Road - A Hero's Journey

nikko-monkeys The Three monkeys at Nikko Toshogu Shrine, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

Seven days of continuing to NOT offer my opinion on anything unless asked.  Hmmm. Seven days of NOT entertaining any negative thought, but immediately replacing it with a fond memory or pleasant thought.   No Problem!  If a negative thought persists for more than 5-7 secs, the Seven Day counter resets, and I start again.  Piece of Cake.

Well, after a week, I havent made it to Day 2!

At the start of the week, for some negative thoughts, and some people, frankly, it is worth reseting the counter!  By the end of the week, I was getting near the end of Day One successfully.  BUT, I didnt quite make it to the end of Day One.

About Day 3 in the week, I began catching myself as a negative thought ‘fired’.   Man, that mechanism is SUPER FAST!  The…

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Marcel Mark Bolzern

Visit http://GottaSucceed.com. As for me, Google knows me so you can too. Knowing more about people by searching them is a good thing. It keeps them accountable. Honest people gain when other honorable people know more about them. There are far more honorable people in the world than there are the alternative, even if those do get a disproportionate amount of the attention. I believe that Love, not fear is humanity's future.

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