MKE Week 10

PotholesThe phone rings. I answer it. Over the next several hours the phone literally blows up. People wanting to know I’m ok. I appreciate they care, but why?

The largest earthquake Alaska has had in over 50 years has just happened 7.2 on the Richter scale, epicenter very near my home, only a single digit miles away.

The exit from the Freeway to my home, collapsed. But I happen to be sitting in Portland Oregon where things are currently going about as well, better than they did approximately a year ago when I nearly died here. I came here again because it looked like a major puzzle piece in my DMP & Vision board may have appeared out of nowhere. I say may, because it is really taking work, and the details are still rather fuzzy. Frankly it has distracted me from everything else. Old Blueprint? Perhaps, and perhaps not. How to be sure?

And, how is my home in Alaska I wonder? I drove down the Alcan (Alaska Canada Highway) two weeks ago. So I’m not there. Guess I need to drive back and find out!

Marcel Mark Bolzern

Visit As for me, Google knows me so you can too. Knowing more about people by searching them is a good thing. It keeps them accountable. Honest people gain when other honorable people know more about them. There are far more honorable people in the world than there are the alternative, even if those do get a disproportionate amount of the attention. I believe that Love, not fear is humanity's future.


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