MKE Week 17 – Persistence in the face of challenges

I’ve been way behind due to car wreck, injuries, earthquake repairs, and my computers being stolen. Plus a number of other challenges & financial setbacks that I’d need a bigger screen, a mouse, and a keyboard to properly relate.

Totalled over the edge

Totalled over the edge

If the thief had gotten my phone too, I’d be completely in the dark ages now.

Computers gone

Computers gone

I had been hoping to move to a hosted blog, but that will have to wait until I obtain a replacement computer. After I figure out how to pay for it, that is. They got my 10 year old laptop that was top of the line when I bought it, and had been upgrading since. They also got my brand new one, which again was top of the line to last another 10 years.

The old computer had became less and less reliable, constantly rebooting with batteries no longer charging, etc. I was finally able to get a new one with the insurance money from totalling one of my cars. Manifesting one of my DMP items before deadline. And there is another non-financial item that seems to be working itself out in a very unexpected way.

I had the new computer for only one and a half days before it was stolen during kindness week. Just long enough to know I’d made the right selection and get it mostly configured. I’m currently living in the other car with the broken window. Didn’t stop me from rendering, observing and posting kindnesses though.

I am testing to see if blogging from my phone is possible, by producing this post. I did not want yet another week to go by without posting something

Wow, this posting from my phone is a time consuming challenge, with features (like aligning pictures with text) that I still have not figured out.

But I shall persist with love in my heart even towards the thief. Fortunately my MKE requirements and my bills except the last two PIF are current. A check that was supposed to arrive on the first hasn’t yet… When it does, I hope to cover the window, PIF and food for the rest of the month.

What is it I need to learn that I’m not getting? It isn’t that the principles taught so far are new to me. Pride maybe? Not asking for help?This is a long ways to fall from already having changed the world for the better. They said challenges would try to prevent changing my blueprint.. boy were they right. Time to manifest abundance!

Marcel Mark Bolzern

Visit As for me, Google knows me so you can too. Knowing more about people by searching them is a good thing. It keeps them accountable. Honest people gain when other honorable people know more about them. There are far more honorable people in the world than there are the alternative, even if those do get a disproportionate amount of the attention. I believe that Love, not fear is humanity's future.


  1. Until i started to walk my talk , i could not see what i needed to do . I couldnt feel it. so the day that i walked down the avenue and visit the galleries , that is when i started to see that my 4000sqft, floor plan was not big enough, and 10,000 was more ideal. Never mind the comments , oh that is too much money, Honey i was visiting the place to dream and bring one of my ideas to life. get a better perspective of what do i really love about my dmp. When i walked into the 4cats studio , the kids were chattering and laughing , woooooh! I forgot to put that into my dream. i can now look at my little sketches and compare it to my detail in my dmp and stare star struck in wonder while i imagine what i can add and my dmp is in motion again. I feel alive. I know that they say , just start and your dream will come, take the small steps into it, and things will come up. but what i find is i needed to break down piece by piece my dmp, which part did i want to visit, the space to which i held my company in. I mean even if it was someone elses space i visted just let your imagination go … sore soar sooor and you will see what you dont see. to see . You got this ,

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  2. Sending you blessings Marcel. I felt your pain and I wish for you all that you wish for yourself. Many light and love filled blessings to you, because you are nature’s greatest miracle!

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  3. Marcel, there is some kind of deep learning, from our feelings of broken-ness and vulnerability, whether being stolen from, lied to, divorced, death, etc, that I do not understand, but believe to be true. I love your commitment to yourself, to see and generate love, kindness and abundance, regardless of circumstances,. Blessings surround you, and more are coming. Keep us in touch.

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    • Boy you got that right. I anticipate being ready for the hits to stop coming, and I deeply appreciate your encouragement.


    • I did, and then apparently allowed my old blueprint to interfere. Now what looked at first like two manifestations from my DMP, and probably were, blew up. One of them, the new computer manifested a second time, still within anticipated timeframe. The other perceived manifestation has now become a mess of my own making. I followed the apparent manifestation too eagerly. The Bliss, the expectation, holding it lightly? Always deeper questions.

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    • Very true, admitting to weakness, even just to myself isn’t easy at all. Thank you for how you are seeing it, and that you share thet vision back to me. Makes it easier … and very emotional.


  4. Thank you for your story. I am also facing some brokenness in my body. My word has been persistence as well. Thank you for showing your vulnerability and working/manifesting your way thru the challenges. I will persist too.

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    • I value your appreciation and encouragement, thank you for commenting! Oh wow, funky vision is debilitating. While they are all valuable, of all my senses, vision is the one I most depend upon. The thought of surgery on my eyes … I cannot think of much that is scarier. I am confident that with that persistance, among other attributes taught in the MKE you will manifest your way into a much more comfortable and empowered reality. As will I.


  5. Wishing you many blessings ahead Marcel. Wow, what a set of circumstances. Kudos to you for keeping your chin up and pressing on. I will be thinking of you, keeping you in my prayers for better tomorrows. May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

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