MKE Week 22- Shoveling Snow In Tucson

TucsonSnowBut where does one get a snow shovel in Tucson Arizona?

Nope, not a joke, for real.

And here is proof.

That Prius had already been running for an hour when this picture was taken in the early afternoon. Which is why the pile in front had slid off the hood.

There was still some serious window scraping to be done. Almost as hard to remove as that cement we have been talking about for so long here among the MKE crew.

I drove all the way from Anchorage to Tucson to avoid the snow, just how far south do I have to go? Apparently as far as it takes, just like with that cement which is not all gone YET.

When was the last time you saw snow covered palm trees? Or gold under cement?

Oh, and check out this very cute link for some inspiration.


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