MKE Week 24 – Additional Resources

john-wooden-pyramid-of-successI located a few great resources, two of which were mentioned in the MKE (Master Key Experience)

These particular links (provided below) are YouTube videos for your listening/viewing pleasure, and will help anyone who participates to absorb MKE principles into their lives.

First: John Wooden’s “Pyramid of Success” and Second: Emerson’s essay on “Self Reliance

This MKE course has been intense, and a lot of work, yet it also has a lot of value. I believe there is no way that anyone could get every useful thing here in a single pass through.

Yet I also highly recommend the MKE to anyone who wishes success, and to become all that they can be. While the MKE applies to all areas of life, it also has resources that are especially useful to people who wish to make network marketing part of their future.

Finally a link to a very good interview with my very favorite Bitcoin, BlockChain and CryptoCurrency educator, Andreas M. Antonopoulos. This interview ties in very well with MKE principles. Andreas is one of the very few crypto teachers that I truly trust. He clearly knows more about, and explains this space far better than I do.  Recordings of Andreas Q&A, and other presentations around the world are also archived to watch for free in the aantonop YouTube channel.



    • And thank you for reading, liking AND commenting. So few people get the advantages of doing them all consistently! That boat floating thing….


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