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Kiara Rose Tennant
Kiara Rose Tennant
Marcel Mark Bolzern
Marcel out Hiking

Kiara and Marcel met at a “Startup Weekend” where people gather to find others of like mind and then implement ideas they have in common. Kiara had a dream about a song that could change the world, and Marcel wanted to build an inspirational website. That dream has become both the song (see the sidebar) and this GottaSucceed.com Website. See the  video of our debut at Startup Weekend here https://youtu.be/wq9vNs5XDXY.

We hope to build this platform to make the world a better place. To  Recognize, Inspire AND Encourage more people like Kiara who want to make this world a better place.

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Please DO contact us. And please also excuse us if we don’t reply right away. Like you we have busy lives, and we are doing this for the love of it.

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