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Feb 14, 2028 Press Release: Transcript of Today’s Interview by TIME magazine

A view of the Pilatus Hotel and Restaurant, the cog railway top station, and the Esel peak in the back

TIME: We are here to interview Mr. Marcel Mark Bolzern during his lunch break from skiing. Together with his wife they have helped thousands of people to change their lives for the better, with many of them even becoming independently wealthy. Our circulation improved significantly the prior time we interviewed Mr Bolzern, so we are eager to do it again. Unfortunately his amazing wife had a prior engagement elsewhere on the ski slope, so we will not be able to speak with her today.

A view from Pilatus in winter
A view from Pilatus in winter

TIME: First let me tell you a bit about the setting for this interview. We are at the top of Mt Pilatus, at the restaurant, sitting near the rail overlooking the Gondola coming up one side, and the world’s steepest Cog Railway coming up the other from Lucerne. It is a warm and pleasant winter day, clear with a slight breeze and sunshine. Perfect for skiing. What a sweet view of Switzerland we have here, including several other peaks, the famous Matterhorn, Lake Lucerne, and Kriens where Mr Bolzern’s “burgership”, in other words “Hereditary Swiss Citizenship” is based.

Pilatus Location in Switzerland
Pilatus Location in Switzerland

This mountain is the legendary home to beneficial healing dragons during the middle ages. Pilatus is also reputed to be where Pontius Pilate was buried, which is how the Massif got its name. Far from being a graveyard, Pilatus is now a world class year round resort. No less than Queen Victoria and Theodore Roosevelt are among those who have scaled to its peak, and now we meet with a man at the peak of his career. A peak that consistently seems to rise higher and higher.

TIME: Mr Bolzern, It is great to catch up with you again. I understand that you are here skiing. Does this feel like coming home for you?

Pilatus newest aerial cable car (called Dragon Ride) arriving at top station.
Pilatus newest aerial cable car (called Dragon Ride) arriving at top station.

Bolzern: Please call me Marcel. Yes, this is the last of my “Bucket List” items. I’ll have to find some more to  put on the list. While I have many homes, as a child I often dreamed of skiing in the Swiss Alps. The last time I was here at Pilatus, I was a teenager from Alaska between 8th and 9th grade, temporarily living on a dairy farm owned by family friends in Aargau during summer vacation from school. My paternal Grandparents, the very first time I remember ever meeting them, brought me to Kriens in their Austin Mini, twin to Mini Cooper before those cars were as popular as they are today. We hiked all the way up Pilatus, under the the Gondola  picking and eating berries along the way,  stopping to have the lunch Grandma packed, and my Grandpa sharing about mushrooms all the way up as we saw one after the other. He even shared his secret of how to tell a mushroom that is safe to eat from another that is poison. When we got to the top we watched the Cog Railway come up the other side, and I had my very first ever “Nussgipfel”, a treat from my Grandma. I was hooked.

TIME: Ok, I’ll bite, so how does one tell the mushrooms apart?

Mushrooms - Poison or Edible?
Mushrooms – Poison or Edible?

Bolzern: Hmm, bite, yes that is exactly how. Now that he has passed, I am free to share it. According to Grandpa, by tasting them raw… edible unless bitter, in which case, spit it out, don’t swallow. Must have worked, at least in Switzerland, because my Grandpa was famous for his mushroom foraging, and he lived to a ripe old age.

TIME: Interesting, so more to the point, please tell us the story of how your current life came to be, with all that you are recognized for having accomplished, and the liberty to do as you wish, when you wish?

Bolzern: We become what we think. Thoughts are like those mushrooms. Instantly spit out the bitter, but revel in the good. One great idea is my marriage, and much of the credit for our success rests with my wife. She thinks for herself,  inspires me, and backs me up. Encourages & comforts me. She isn’t shy about asking me hard questions either, and I find myself improving as a result. We are a wonderful team at all levels. Having a lot in common, and yet we also each do certain things that the other just cannot do as well or at all. We play together and work together even as we also allow each other space when needed. Our senses of humor are similar, and our skills and talents complement each other beautifully. This is the kind of relationship where one plus one equals more than two, in our case perhaps ten or more. Ever since we first connected, my life has become wealthier in all senses of the word. Happier than ever before. I finally feel truly seen, as well as loved and accepted. And that makes me sooo much more productive than I otherwise would be. Plus, I feel good that this is her experience as well.

TIME: I understand that you two have traveled many places, and done all sorts of things. Can you share some of them?

Mushrooms - Poison or Edible?
Sunrise view of Lake Lucerne from Pilatus

Bolzern: Certainly. She and I travel extensively, often summer in Alaska, ski in Utah, Colorado, or Switzerland and winter in tropical locations like Costa Rica, Belize, Bali, and Thailand among others, We practice tantra, martial arts, hike to new places, paraglide, zipline, and swim with the dolphins plus we continually discover many fantastic new experiences, ideas, meet people, learn their languages and more about the world we live in along the way. We are both certified in skydiving, scuba diving and as a multi-engine pilots, and we especially enjoy owning our flying car that we bought last year.

TIME: You have been married once before?

Bolzern: Yes, and that was a great experience, until cancer got in the way. I learned then that I am far more successful in a good, close partnership than alone, and we achieved many great things together. Yet, the best thing about the prior relationship, is that it prepared me for this one, which is different, and superior in every way. It helps that I am far more mature and understanding than I was then. I don’t think I ever appreciated Virginia enough till after she was gone. A mistake I will not repeat with this one!

TIME: And how would you characterize your current life experience?

Bolzern: My wife and I are best friends, and we have learned to play again like a children, joyful and carefree. I adore the amazing liberty to go where I want, when I want, and choose how much and when I work, by myself or with others. Wonderfully, my adult work also feels like joyful play. I usually choose to work about twenty hours per week. It is well known that I contribute time and money to WDLABCC and ATOM as well as a broad range of additional worthy causes as I cross paths with new ones that inspire me. Since I believe that we are all fractals of the same universal presence, I dedicate myself to aligning with source, and providing exemplary service. I filter for and think positive thoughts, properly developing my blueprint, so that my subconscious can manifest what I want, as opposed to me trying to  muscle it into existence while stressed out. I dedicate energy towards better connection with my emotions, and thus provide universal consciousness with fresh, new experiences. Universal power seeks to work through those channels where it can do the most good. I am thus enriched so in turn I can enrich others having become such a channel. As an aside, I very much enjoy the recognition which results.

Pilatus seen from Stanserhorn funicular
Pilatus seen from Stanserhorn funicular

TIME: So how did this all come about?

Bolzern: As you may know, I have had some substantial successes and stellar failures at “world changing”, learning the hard way that the world does not want saving. At least until one day when I received a scholarship to a program known as the MKE. That stands for Master Key Experience. Through participation, I learned to develop myself in ways I hadn’t before, by first changing my blueprint and becoming a worthy example. I had to remove my internal stories about giving beyond my means, and martyrdom being a good thing. Also the story about keeping my Alaska property as the safety in case I were to fail instead of developing it after my original house burned down. These stories resulted in keeping a seed of failure in my life. We all have stories we tell ourselves that we need to give up. These stories, along with the rest of my old blueprint reflected themselves into my existence in this world. Soon after MKE, things started to go smoother with much less effort required than before. Many would call it blessed, or even miraculous. Yet anyone can have what I have and more, if they are willing to do what it takes. One must line up with how the universe works. It is about ruling oneself which is far harder than ruling others. Thinking right, and steering our subconscious into manifesting what we really want. Dealing with the causes instead of the effects.

TIME: So what is a blueprint?

Blueprint of a modern home
Blueprint of a modern home

Bolzern: Like the blueprint for a house, it is the design you continually use to become what you become. Most self help programs are about working with the effects to change the effects. This is like chewing out the carpenter for making the mistake he saw in the Blueprint as he was faithfully following the design. This is self defeating. One must go to the cause, the blueprint of you, your recursive triangle of thought, feeling and belief. This is something that most people have never given much thought to, yet it is what steers their lives. From from this triad of thought, feeling and belief, springs action, thus iteratively creating all else in your life. Cleaning up the blueprint then causes a better future to develop. For more details contact me regarding a scholarship to the MKE.

TIME: So what were some of the projects that eventually lead to the wealth you now enjoy?

Bolzern: Enjoying the journey was a significant cause in itself. More specifically though, with my improved blueprint enabled, my wife and I connected, and by June of 2020 I was already making in excess of 3 Bitcoin per week. As we all know, the value of Bitcoin has inflated significantly since then. Among the many projects leading to this were four standouts. 1) Bountiful income from well chosen Cryptocurrency investments each having much growth, plus purchases and sales miraculously timed for profits making it even more thrilling, 2) Educating people via the WDLABCC regarding Cryptos to profit for themselves. 3) Network Marketing efforts that grew quickly. I loved working with my people then and now. Together we always added at least two productive new people to each individual’s downline every month, each of whom typically has a comfortable income within months, and this momentum continues even today. 4) My Alaska tiny home community on that property I referred to earlier was completed for occupancy by October of 2020 and has grown substantially since then. I enjoy participating in the love and harmony among the residents when I am there. There is a long waiting list for new residents and people come from all over the world to visit, observe and learn how they too can do something similar elsewhere.

TIME: So I understand that you plan on living forever?

Bolzern: Yes, while serving and inspiring everyone I meet. I am already well on the way. The health issues I once had from stress have all disappeared since my old blueprint has been resolved, and my mental state improved. I’m healthier than I have ever been, continually feeling younger and more alive. I thrill at setting an example for others to follow. Anyone can have success if they put in the work to become the best themselves that they can be. I believe that extends even to the number of one’s days, and that they can keep accruing, not needing to end. I am excited to live into, contribute, and thus see for myself the positive technology enabled future which mankind is starting to embrace.

Skiing Together
Skiing Together

Bolzern: Hey are we finished here? That’s my wife over there and I’d like to go join her for some more great runs down this fabulous slope. I love the spring snow.

TIME: Certainly, may we catch up with you again at another time?

Bolzern: Of course, thank you, until then, goodbye!

TIME: We thought it important for people to learn more about this amazing man, and how they too can manifest success in their own lives. Mr Bolzern happily hands out scholarships to others who wish to benefit from the unique Master Key Experience, presented by Mark & Davene Januszewski. You cannot buy your way in at any price, you must receive a scholarship. For an invite, you may reach Marcel via the contact form on his blog at