quote Master Key Experience – Belief in oneself. — Mark Cameron

Amy Winehouse, Formula 1 motor racing and the immense power of believing in oneself. When I studied the principles of strategic intervention coaching, I learnt about the 6 psychological basic human needs of the personality and spirit. And what stood out for me was our need for significance, love and connection. All of these needs […]

via Master Key Experience – Belief in oneself. — Mark Cameron


Marcel Mark Bolzern

Visit http://GottaSucceed.com. As for me, Google knows me so you can too. Knowing more about people by searching them is a good thing. It keeps them accountable. Honest people gain when other honorable people know more about them. There are far more honorable people in the world than there are the alternative, even if those do get a disproportionate amount of the attention. I believe that Love, not fear is humanity's future.

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